From Surfing to Skateboarding

Skateboarding originated in the early 1950’s, it was a phenomenon started by surfers in California. They wanted something to do when the waves were too flat to ride. The first skateboards were constructed out of two by fours and wheels from roller skates. The first name for this was sidewalk surfing and it was originally done barefoot, just like surfing. Small surf companies started mass producing and selling skateboards in the 1960’s. Before skate parks were created people would skateboard in empty concrete in ground pools- this is what lead up to the formation of the parks. In the early 1970’s polyurethane wheels were invented and used on skateboards instead of clay wheels that were originally used- they were not safe and lead to many skateboarding related injuries. The peak of this fad was in the early 1960’s, but after these new wheels became more widely used it gave the sport the push it needed to become more popular again.


In the 1980’s vert ramp skateboarding (half pipe skateboarding) was all the rage, but it wasn’t an affordable trend. Most people couldn’t afford to build or buy a half pipe, this lead to the increase in popularity of street skating, the trend of the 1990’s. As the sport evolved so did the size, shape, and style of the skateboards used.Image

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